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About Us

Rockdale Drafting LLC is owned by Barry Barrick.

I started Residential Drafting of Blueprints in 2016 to support builders with a need that was limited in Franklin County, Pa.
The Business has increased over the past 3 years and has expanded to a full time Drafting Business.My wife has joined me in the business in December of 2019. Lora will be providing the service of Wide Format Printing of customer-owned Blueprints.

My 35 years of experience in the construction industry has been as a sales representative for builders at Myers Building Products. I also have the experience of building 2 personal homes as well as many remodeling projects for myself and others.

My experience in Blueprints has come from working with Builders and understanding the needs and aspects of the building and remodeling market.

Mission Statement

Rockdale Drafting, LLC provides quality Blueprints utilizing up-to-the-minute drafting technology to build a solid partnership between owner, contractor, builder or remodeler to accomplish an on-time completion of your dream home or remodeling project.

Sample Plans

Rockdale Drafting, LLC Images
Rockdale Drafting, LLC Images
Rockdale Drafting, LLC Images
Rockdale Drafting, LLC Images


You can count on our team.

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